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Below are examples of the different types of videos I have  produced over the last several years.  For all videos, I write the script, create the storyboard, create most of the media assets and edit the video into it's final state. I also record and edit the voiceover on videos that do not use Artificial Intelligence (AI) narration. 

How-To Video

This video shows an end user (student) how to navigate in the 3D exterior aircraft environment. 

Tools: Camtasia, Premiere

Product Demo

This product demonstration video is used by the Sales and Marketing Team. To create this video, I worked with the Team to articulate the message they wished to communicate, gather talking points, and identify any parameters such as time constraints. 

Tools: Camtasia, Audacity, Premiere, After Effects. 


This video was created for highschool students using the video/animation platform, PowToon.

Cover Letter Video


This video was created to help a friend make a cover letter video when she was looking for a new sales position. We used a green screen, lights, mics, and script reader set up in my living room. 

Tools: A DSLR camera, Adobe Premiere

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