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Job Aids and Manuals 

Below are examples of different types of job aids and manuals I've created over the  years along with a brief explanation of their purpose and why they work well. One thing these examples have in common is that I took the initiative to create them after realizing there was a strong need for them due to a lack in current resources.

Capitalization Guide.png

Capitalization Guide

I created this guide for a the Courseware Development Department. Capitalization rules for the aviation-related training  are myriad, complex and not intuitive. Prior to this guide, the rules were not catalogued in one place. 

This guide is helpful because it includes explicit instruction supported by visual examples and counter-examples. It also uses hyperlinks for easy navigation. 

Click here to view the  guide. 

Lesson Format Video

I made this video for our SMEs to teach them how to format content to meet the requirements of our authoring tool and lesson platform. Note that the audio has been removed because the file was corrupted. 

This type of job aid was particularly helpful to the SMEs because it enables them visualize how their raw content will play out in an actual lesson. 

Policy Manuals

I created this manual for staff and volunteers to articulate policies that were only loosely defined or communicated. This manual provided clear guidance on how to maintain safe enviornments for everyone and served as a take-away for the accompanying training. 

Click here to see the whole manual. 

Dynamic Forms

Bilingual and ELL programs are documentation heavy, often requiring 40+ forms to be completed in triplicate for each student, each year. Many school districts complete this documentation by hand becuase it is very expensive to incorporate it into an existing Student Information Management System or buy/create a dedicated one. I used Adobe LiveCycle to create dynamic forms to lessen that burden. These forms link to existing databases so much of the  information will autopopulate. 

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