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Training Developed Using Articulate Storyline 3

Below are two very different examples of how I use Articulate Storyline 3 to create training. Both examples include an explanation of the training challenge and the methods I used to meet the challenge. 

Software Training

The Challenge

The company had Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software but only one person knew how to use it and most were intimidated by it. The available training consisted of hour-long videos produced by the CRM providor. 

The Solution

Create a series of short how-to lessons that focus on a specific task or skill. Reduce anxiety by using friendly characters, colors, tone and non-technical langauge. Incorporate relatable scenarios into each lesson. Use guided practices on complicated tasks. Offer printable how-to guides. 

This content is propietary and no demo is available. 

Pilot Training 

The Challenge

Many topics in pilot training are complex and highly technical. The required source material is often dense and not user-friendly. 

The Solution 

Chunk material into single concepts. Use technically correct plain English to explain concepts in audio and text format. Support each concept with visuals and use timing to tie what is seen, heard and read together. Use interactions to focus the learner's attention or demonstrate a cause and effect. Use well-placed knowledge checks to prevent comprehension gaps and reinforce learning. Learners also control the pace of the lesson and can return to any topic at any time. 

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